Maharashtra Man Wins ₹ 5 Crore While Gambling Online. Then Loses 58 Crore

Nagpur: A businessman from Nagpur lost an astounding 58 crore rupees in online gambling. The investigation led police to a suspected bookie, and on Saturday, four kg of gold biscuits and 14 crore rupees in cash were recovered, a top police official said.
Anant alias Sontu Navratan Jain, the accused, was arrested but escaped moments before police stormed his home in Gondia City, 160 kilometers from Nagpur. The police officer stated that they believe he has fled to Dubai.

“At first glance, Jain appeared to have persuaded the complainant, a businessman, to consider online gambling as a viable source of income. The businessman was initially apprehensive, but ultimately gave in to Jain’s influence and transferred Rs. 8 lakh via a hawala merchant,” said Nagpur Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar.

Jain sent the businessman a WhatsApp link to create an account for online gambling. According to Kumar, the businessman started gambling after discovering 8 lakh had been deposited in the account.

The police commissioner stated, “After initial success, the businessman’s fortunes took a sudden turn as he lost a whopping 58 crore while winning around 5 crore.

He claimed that when the businessman continued to lose, he became suspicious and requested his money back, but Jain refused.

“The merchant reported the incident to the cyber police, which resulted in the filing of a fraud case under the Indian Penal Code. Police searched Jain’s Gondia home. A significant amount of evidence, including $14 billion in cash and four kilograms of gold biscuits, were seized as a result of the operation, Kumar continued.

The significant sum of money is being counted, but the total amount of seizures has not yet been determined.