PAGCOR Confirms Launch of Online Casino Brand in 2024

In 2024, audiences will be able to access online casinos, sportsbooks, and live casino games according to the regulator’s stated plans to launch a specialized Casino Filipino brand.

PAGCOR to Break Ground with Online Casino of Its Own

The launch of the new online property is anticipated for the first quarter of the following year. It will make use of cutting-edge technology, such as virtual reality, to give players the impression that they are visiting a physical store and to ensure an unsurpassed immersive experience.

Alejandro Tengco, chairman and CEO of PAGCOR, described the idea on Thursday. “It will allow players to interact with the digital counterparts of traditional casino games,” he added. The head of regulation is sure that the upcoming brand will go beyond the confines of the physical experience and enable users from all over the world to interact with completely original casino settings that are unsurpassed by rivals.

In the meanwhile, PAGCOR is certain that the regulator’s online presence will strengthen the watchdog’s advantages, including greater revenue, a more robust market expansion, and improved client involvement. Tengco confirmed that the regulator is in discussions with several manufacturers to bring in more than 3,500 new units. In the meantime, PAGCOR also has plans to upgrade its selection of land-based slot machines.

Tengco added, “We have already taken the first steps and started talks with other manufacturers for the upgrading of our slot machines. Additionally, the regulator will upgrade its casino management system.

Updating PAGCOR’s Existing Casinos and Reporting

According to Tengco, the system update would enable PAGCOR to increase the efficiency of its casino operations and result in greater real-time reporting and analytics, which might reinforce strategic decisions and assist maximize results across the board.

An official online casino brand launch supported by a regulator-cum-operator is a relatively novel concept, and it is still unknown how the operator’s worldwide footprint would develop given that it would need to obtain the necessary licenses to conduct business in numerous jurisdictions.