Best Craps Strategies That Work In 2023

Online and offline casinos are bringing back the game of craps. Craps, formerly regarded as a quirky game that wasn’t really worth your time, is now one of the busiest games on casino floors, and many operators have decided to add more tables to keep up with demand. People have begun hunting for the greatest craps strategy because of this, and we will provide it here.

You can apply the eight craps strategy suggestions on our list to increase your odds and possibilities of winning. You will find a lot of value in choosing a craps betting strategy and adhering to the best practices set by the community as a whole, even if craps is still a game of chance and luck. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Pass Line Craps Strategy

The pass line is probably the simplest craps betting strategy you will ever try, so let’s start there. Both online and offline players use this one, and it operates with resolute efficiency.

Even money pays 1:1 and there is a very low house edge of about 1.41%, making it quite simple to truly gain a value out of your play. Other games, including as roulette, have a house edge of 2.70 percent in its best variation. Basically, the pass-the-line bet wins if the dice land on a 7 or an 11. Here, the chances are really favorable.

#2 Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy 

This one is also a very effective betting method. The Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Craps Strategy essentially involves you placing a wager against the shooter, or the person who throws the dice on any given roll. Instead of rolling the dice for a 7 or an 11, you want them to land on a 2 or 3.

It’s easy to picture a scenario in which you are supporting someone else’s defeat, which would undoubtedly make things awkward at the table but is actually for the best. This tactic is usually applicable in online casinos.

Although the house edge is a little higher here at 1.46%, it’s nice to switch things up occasionally. The fact that the round is a push and all players get their money back if the dice land on 12 is another intriguing aspect of this method.

#3 Learn to Manage Your Money

This is without a doubt one of the most straightforward yet underutilized tactics out there. Players frequently have a tendency to become so fixated on really winning money that they neglect to keep an eye on their bankroll. It’s awful to realize that you wanted to play more but suddenly are out of money when the money finally runs out.

This is why every successful craps approach must practice sound money management. You must wager at a comfortable rate that won’t compel you to exhaust your money too fast or too quickly. Picking low-limit betting tables will allow you to control the speed of play without having to worry about anything.

#4 Craps Odds Strategy 

Try this slightly more sophisticated craps betting technique now. Here, you want to add some variety to the Pass/Don’t Pass formula by doing something different. Laying the odds is a smart move for intermediate players to do in this situation. You will gamble against the shooter and the players using this tactic.

By placing a bet, you are telling the game that the shooter will hit the number 7 before hitting the numbers 4 through 10. The benefit of this technique is that there is no house advantage in this situation. The payouts are what turn some players away from this strategy even though the chances are truly favorable.

Even in a favorable outcome, the winners will have to pay out 1:2, 2:3, or even 2:3. Laying the odds is therefore not necessarily a poor strategy in light of this, although it does have dangers.

#5 Press Betting Strategy 

Why is there a press strategy for craps? Making sure that you increase your money when a bet is won and its associated profits is the goal here. Only your original commitment will be lost if you ultimately lose. Of course, in order for a press bet to win, the stakes must be lucky and the dice must land on it. If you are successful four times in a row, you will receive a substantially larger payout than what you first put in.

The likelihood of a press bet occurring is not at all unlikely. While we advise placing bets no more than four times, many gamers contend that you can place wagers up to seven times before withdrawing your earnings. On a press 6, some high rollers place a $30 base wager and only draw after seven wins, which net them $600.

This sounds very alluring, but we caution you to proceed with caution and, at the very least, place a $1 wager until you have a firm understanding of the technique and how the press actually operates.

#6 Craps 6/8

This tactic is about growth and is pretty straightforward. Every time you lose, you will up your stakes; sometimes by a certain amount, other times by two times what you lost on. This tactic has advantages as well as disadvantages.

When you double after each loss, you cannot double your nth losing bet to make up for your earlier losses. As a result, if you lose too many times in a roll, you have just lost a significant amount of money and over the table limit.

When you take this risk into account, the strategy is sound. When using a 6/8 craps strategy, you place a $6 wager on the numbers 6 and 8. Why? Because the probability of these two numbers are second only to the odds of 7. If you succeed, you take your gains and place another wager for the same sum.

Simply increase your wagers if you lose. Sometimes you double the amount; other times, you simply add increments. Your choice, but keep in mind that budgeting is crucial because costs can up quickly.

#7 Iron Craps Strategy

A fast-and-loose strategy known as the Iron Craps Strategy surely has its advantages. In essence, this strategy for playing craps requires that you accomplish a number of goals. One is to swiftly transition into a sizable bankroll. To try this, you’ll need to have a good deal of cash.

You are placing a wager on all outcomes here except for 7. You want to wager on every Field, Cross, Place 6, and Place 8 as a result. In this manner, you will be shelling out a large sum to ensure yourself a win that is all but guaranteed—unless, of course, the 7 comes up, in which case you will undoubtedly lose.

This method is occasionally used by gamers, and it’s a terrific approach to increase your profits. However, if you play for an extended period of time, the perilous 7 will certainly emerge. In the end, it has the best chances.

#8 Hedge Your Bets 

The craps hedging technique is another well-liked tactic that could be interesting to players who don’t have much to lose and want to make sure they don’t take any excessive risks. You should make single-roll or multiple-roll bets here. This manner, you can be sure that in addition to placing a wager on a more concrete outcome, you are also protecting yourself from losing your entire wager.

Additionally, you often hed after a point has been made. Consequently, you want to place 8 if the point is 6. On the other hand, if the point is 8, you should place 6. If the point, however, lies between 6 and 8, you must place it on both 6 and 8. It’s a fantastic technique that, while it can seem like you are committing a little bit more, will still enable you to be more competitive over the long term, which is ultimately what matters.

Which Craps Betting Strategy Is Best?

This is a valid question, and it demands a straightforward response: neither of them is regarded as the “best.” This claim is supported by the fact that craps is a game of chance and shifting dynamics. Your bankroll can at some point be too large or too small to sustain a particular strategy.

There are explanations for why this game has so many diverse approaches. Of course, if you are looking at the game’s fundamentals, we would have to agree that the two finest strategies to follow if you want to maximize your performance are Pass and Don’t Pass the Line.

However, firing the same bet again can wear you out and take away your enjoyment of the game. We advise choosing a craps strategy that is regarded as one of the best and trying your luck this way rather than placing your bets at random next.

Best Craps Strategies Conclusion

As you can see, there are many alternatives for craps strategies that you can use to your advantage. All of these will help you to slightly lower the house advantage and, on rare occasions, even slightly skew the odds in your favor. This does not imply that over time, the house will not prevail. Simply put, that means you’ll put the casino through its paces and, who knows, you might even walk away with a little extra cash thanks to a lucky break. That is the main focus of a solid craps betting strategy.