Cambodia Arrests 1,241 People in H1 2023 in Illegal Gambling Cases

Over the course of the period, 1,241 persons were detained in various operations. Lieutenant General Chhay Kim Khoeun, spokesman for the National Police, acknowledged the information and described the activities of the authorities over the past six months.

Cambodia Keeps the Heat on Illegal Gambling

782 of those who were detained received “educated” warnings to stop gambling, but 459 of those individuals had violations deemed serious enough to warrant legal action.

Chhay emphasized the police force’s dedication to putting an end to all illegal gambling enterprises, which is in line with a national campaign to eradicate the activity. In September 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen swore to rid his nation of unlawful gambling, and he has ordered the police to carry out his instructions.

Due to its dedication, the nation was able to remove itself from the Financial Action Task Force’s list of nations with questionable anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and a proliferation of illegal activities that are detrimental to international investors. Gambling in Cambodia has also been connected to human trafficking and kidnapping, which has given the nation a bad reputation among foreign allies.

Getting the Results That Matter

The prime minister carried out his directive by removing the local and district governors to send a message to the public that he places a high importance on the fight against illegal gaming. “I would want to let you know that the casino can no longer tolerate anarchic conditions. When he first began his campaign against the illegal gaming industry, Hun Sen said, “We must be severe.

China, a significant trading and economic partner, has put pressure on Cambodia to control the gambling business. Due of this, the government decided to suspend providing new licenses for websites that offer gambling in 2019.

The announcement of the most recent crackdown is the biggest about illegal gambling to have come out of the nation in recent months, showing how successfully Cambodia has dealt with the bigger issue. Regardless, the quantity of arrests shows that there is a thriving underground gaming scene.