Playtech, Quickspin Live Release Big Bad Wolf Live

A new live casino game has been released by Quickspin Live and Playtech, a developer of online gambling software. Big Bad Wolf Live is the newest title in Playtech’s amazing portfolio. It is an original game with a variety of captivating elements.

The game showcases Quickspin Live’s innovative spirit despite being the company’s first live casino offering. To attract a new generation of gamblers, Quickspin aims to combine best-in-class technology with substantial entertainment capabilities. To that goal, Quickspin made use of Playtech’s superb technological resources to produce a game that has the potential to revolutionise the live casino industry.

The new game showcases Playtech and Quickspin’s painstaking attention to detail. The stunning visuals and numerous exhilarating gameplay features in Big Bad Wolf Live will keep gamers on the edge of their seats. The press release highlights the two businesses’ goal to push the envelope of what live casino gaming is capable of.

According to the official statement, Playtech and Quickspin’s strategic partnership aims to influence the direction of the industry.

The New Game Was Described as “Truly Immersive”

Panagiotis Chryssovitsanos, the CEO of Quickspin, remarked on the new release and said that it is consistent with his company’s aim to offer “thrilling gaming experiences” with its “own blend of high-quality production value, creativity, and love.”

Chryssovitsanos emphasised that his team aims to serve younger online casino players, who are members of a generation that experienced video games and arcades as children. In order to engage and develop the next generation of gamers, he expects that the content produced by his business will be appealing to these players.

He finished by saying that his group is content to work with Playtech:

We are also fortunate enough to have Playtech as our partner, providing us with market-leading technology and expertise, enabling us to turn our dreams into reality.

Panagiotis Chryssovitsanos, CEO, Quickspin Live

Edo Haitin, the CEO of Playtech Live, stated that Quickspin Live’s entry into the live casino market is marked by the release of Big Bad Wolf Live. He reaffirmed that his organisation intended to collaborate with Quickspin Live in order to “redefine the boundaries of live casino gaming and set new industry standards.”

Regarding the release itself, Haitin remarked that the game shows off both Quickspin’s innovative gameplay style and the potential of the Playtech Live platform.

The game is truly an immersive RNG & Live experience, setting the bar higher for the industry; the outstanding attention to detail in the studio and entertaining gameplay combined with first-of-its-kind features and Quickspin’s signature high quality.

Edo Haitin, CEO, Playtech Live

Earlier this month, Playtech consented to offer its poker network and services to France’s FDJ.