Top 10 Pet-Friendly Casinos

These days, a lot of people have pets, and they often regard them like members of the family. Going on a vacation or break, whether you choose cats or dogs, just doesn’t feel the same anymore without your animal companion. To ensure they may bring their dogs with them, more and more individuals are seeking for casinos and hotels that allow pets.

The good news is that more establishments now provide lodgings and casinos that welcome dogs, making it easier than ever to travel without worrying about your cherished pet. This article explores the top pet-friendly casino hotels that offer everything you could possibly need when traveling with a pet.

10. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

One of the best places you can locate that offers excellent pet-friendly hotel and casino service is the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. The hotel, which is located Las Vegas, Nevada, has a relatively lax pet policy and welcomes up to two dogs. However, they must all weigh no more than 100 pounds when combined, and each dog will incur a $50 per night fee.

However, you as a pet owner must strictly abide by the Excalibur Hotel & Casino’s guest safety standards. Unless it’s your room or suite, your pet must always be on a leash when they’re in public areas of the hotel or hotel property. You can learn more about the designated pet relief area by getting in touch with the front desk.

The good news is that your dog will never have to miss out on belly rubs and noon hugs thanks to the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, which will keep you company when you’re not gambling or exploring the city.

9. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City 

You will immediately feel at home at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. You have this time “barked up the right tree,” as the corporation puts it. Since the firm aims to establish a gold standard across the board and provide you with a wonderful stay and experiences with your pet, the pet policy at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino applies to all of its properties.

If your pet is hairy or not, there are special areas for them as well as sWAG bags when they check in. Additionally, the homes have velvet memory foam beds, which will allow your pet to stretch out or unwind in opulent comfort.

Additionally, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has a Pawty Hard amenity that provides your pets with “pet tracks” from Spotify to keep them entertained. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino really goes the extra mile to give you the finest pet experience, despite the fact that it might sound a touch over the top. Additionally, you can order pet supplies upon arrival, get your free welcome present, and become familiar with the housekeeping pet laws right away.

The hotel and most Hard Rock locations only permit you to keep one or two pets up to a combined weight of 50 pounds, which can be a little restricting if your boy or girl is a little heavier. This is the only minor negative. In any case, this is one of the top casinos and hotels with pet policies you can locate!

8. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is not only one of the top pet-friendly casinos; thanks to its program, it has achieved legendary status. In order to achieve this, the resort will ensure that your pet is having a great time and taking advantage of the amenities that money can buy.

You will receive up to three stainless-steel bowls of food treats and water, and the resort ensures that there are specific locations for all guests, both furry and not. Additionally, there are sWAG bags to ensure that you are having the finest experience possible while traveling and doing so in style.

The Unleashed Program, which costs $250 and allows you to have up to two pets together weighing 50 pounds per room, might be your best option. However, in order to check in, you must also sign a pet agreement. What you receive is a committed cleaning crew that is sensitive to the needs of pets, complimentary presents, lots of pet-friendly areas throughout the property, and perhaps a few more duties as well!

7. Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Curio Collection by Hilton

You may enjoy one of the best pet-friendly welcome experiences at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Curio Collection by Hilton. This hotel has made a concerted effort to establish itself as one of the top pet-friendly casino hotels, giving you a ton of value and comfort during your stay.

The hotel wants you to feel at home when you eventually arrive and welcomes you with the attitude that traveling should be just as enjoyable for you as it should be for your canine buddy! You have a room for pets, a porcelain watchdog at the door, and a bed as comfy for animals as it is for people.

Your pet will be provided with food and water dishes as well as a cute bandana to dress things up. Pets will continue to be unrestricted by breed and free. A bonus, too? To ensure that everyone has the greatest time possible, you can message Virgin Hotels Las Vegas before traveling and let them know all your fuzzy likes and dislikes.

6. Harrah’s Las Vegas

Another excellent option for pet owners seeking for a casino and hotel experience that doesn’t exclude their canine companion is Harrah’s Las Vegas. You may be confident that you won’t have to spend any time apart from your furry friend because PetStay organizes everything you need to bring them along.

However, pets who are treated to a Harrah’s experience get to have a terrific time on the grounds rather than merely feeling dragged around by their owner. The complete experience is designed with pet owners’ comfort in mind, even if owners are responsible for the pets and must adhere to certain requirements, such as not leaving the animals unattended or outside of kennels and crates when necessary.

Here, you may take use of a ton of great services, such as veterinarian and pet grooming options. Along with waste disposal bags, you can expect to see food and water dishes easily available.

If you insist on spending some quality time with your beloved companion, the home is also close to numerous fantastic dog-friendly parks. You may find activities and have fun on your trip or vacation quicker thanks to the availability of designated walking paths!

5. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas is one of the top pet-friendly casino hotels to try if you’re seeking for a place that will accept your pets. You can be confident that your furry (or not) friend’s visit will be a frolic because the property has very clear rules about what is acceptable.

The International Las Vegas is one of the Trump Pet-Friendly Hotels, and you can actually get a lot for your money there. Gourmet foods, luxurious sleeping arrangements, and much more are discussed. Even a Trump Attaché staff can make sure that your pet is well cared for.

You can trust that the hotel will abide by all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws regarding service animals, as well as local ordinances, and that it is fully compliant with the most recent rules. There are also various toys, a city map with the locations of the parks that welcome outside activities, a water bowl with fresh bottled water, pet walking services (with fees), and more.

However, there is a 25-pound weight restriction and a $50 daily fee for service for pet companions. Only two pets are allowed per room or suite. All in all, the hotel goes above and above to welcome pets and provide accommodations for them.

4. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi

Are you looking for a place to go on your next vacation with your pet? The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, may be the only place you need to search further because it is a welcome establishment for both you and your companion animal.

Pets should be treated as members of the family, as the hotel states, and not just as animals. Both two- and four-legged visitors may anticipate a comfortable stay at the establishment, however their parents will be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee for animals that weigh more than 100 pounds.

This is one of the highest pet restrictions currently in place nationwide, making a visit to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, well worth it. The non-refundable cost for animals weighing under 25 pounds is $75. One of the top pet-friendly casinos allows you to bring along parrots as well as dogs, so it’s not only cats and dogs that are welcome here.

The Biloxi hotel’s pet policy is simple to understand and will help you settle in and have a nice time during your stay, especially if you’re looking for one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the country.

3. Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Because it exclusively applies to canines, Caesars Palace’s PetStay program may be a touch too limiting for some pet owners. The casino will only permit a maximum of two dogs and a weight limit of 50 pounds for the animals under your care. Together, they may not weigh more than this amount.

Another crucial fact to bear in mind is that check-in for the PetStay rooms begins at 4 pm, and the dogs must be restrained in a kennel or crate whenever they are left alone in the room. You can expect to find a number of in-room amenities at the hotel, including a carpet, food and water dishes, and disposable trash bags.

Pet owners can make sure they always have everything they need close at hand in this way. The hotel will be happy to accommodate any special requests for a cost, but the PetStay program already includes a lot of amenities. This also entails providing you with orientation materials and ensuring that both you and your canine companion are having a blast.

If you’re searching for a somewhere to stay while on vacation with your pet, go no farther than the Caesars Palace. You can count on affordable rates, prompt service, and a generally satisfying stay.

2. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino 

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is another outstanding establishment that ought to be on your list of pet-friendly gambling establishments. The maximum number of dogs allowed per unit is two, and their combined weight is limited to 60 pounds. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

You must first pay a $150 pet cleaning fee and a $150 refundable pet deposit. The hotel will take care to make sure your pets are comfortable and having a fantastic time.

The pet-sensitive room cleaning service is only one of the things that Westgate Las Vegas makes sure to offer in order to prioritize your animal friend’s welfare. You can travel to other Westgate locations, such as those in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach, for a really fantastic pet-friendly vacation.

When looking for a place to bring your animal companion with you and relax, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino will undoubtedly be on your list due to its amazing combination of amenities and pet-friendly services.

1. Bellagio Las Vegas 

The focus of Bellagio Las Vegas is on becoming one of the most canine-friendly casinos in both Las Vegas and the country. Your pet will be well-cared for by the property, which will provide a variety of tasty foods and general comfort. There are a few things you should be aware of beforehand, such the importance of constantly taking good care of your pet when in public spaces other than your room. Even though you will have certain obligations, everything fits together perfectly when you consider all the rewards you receive.

The establishment is a fantastic pet-friendly facility right in the center of Las Vegas thanks to its affordable pricing and superb canine concierge services. Bellagio will also make it simple for you to get to the right spots for pet relief so that your pet may use them and owners can quickly get rid of any organic waste.

Overall, Bellagio is undoubtedly one of the best pet-friendly casinos you can visit thanks to its outstanding gaming experience, first-rate services, and amenities, as well as the extra benefit of making your four-legged buddy comfortable.