Twitch Carries on With Further Gambling Restrictions

Twitch acknowledged the expansion of its restriction on live streaming with gambling-related content on Wednesday. The firm forbade streams that promoted the online casinos Blaze and Gamdom, joining the list of websites already blacklisted when the new gambling policy was first established in October.

Twitch Toughens Gambling Policies

When a story involving a streamer who had allegedly defrauded viewers of thousands of dollars due to a gambling addiction surfaced last year, Twitch was forced to take action. This led to a wave of unhappiness among viewers and the top broadcasters on the site, who bemoaned the spread of gambling content that went unchecked.

In response, Twitch terminated any feeds that promoted websites that were illegal in the US or other countries and hence unable to offer adequate consumer protection. In the US, neither Blaze nor Gamdom are legally permitted to operate.

Twitch stated that it was attempting to address what it termed “predatory behavior,” and that it was resolute in continuing to act against websites that did not fully adhere to its guidelines and rules. The business also claimed that after the new policy’s introduction, it has been able to eliminate 75% of all gambling watching.

The business did point out that certain fresh patterns had begun to emerge as streamers developed new tactics to promote gambling content and stay relevant. Twitch has responded by introducing additional policies to help safeguard consumers.

Twitch Adds to List of Prohibited Websites

Currently, sharing links to “questionable” websites with others is forbidden on Twitch. Twitch forbids streaming and sharing links to Roobet, Duelbits, Rollbit, and in addition to Gamdom and Blaze.

Due to Twitch’s decision to reject gambling streams, Kick was developed, a platform that several streamers have called “on-point.” Kick has been outperforming its Amazon-owned rival by dividing income 95-5 with content creators.

Kick recently established their brand recognition among millions of soccer fans by becoming an official sponsor of Everton FC. Some of Twitch’s greatest stars, notably xQc, who struck a $100 million agreement in June, have partnered with the platform.