Top 10 Casino Slot Streamers

Streaming has rapidly swept the globe and is now a significant contemporary phenomena. The rise in popularity of video-sharing websites has aided in this vertical’s acceptance by the public. As a result, streaming has become one of the most widely used types of modern entertainment.

Due to the rise in popularity of both streaming and iGaming, the most widely used streaming service, Twitch, offers an entire area devoted to slot games. The Slots section is still active despite a recent Twitch ban on the streaming of illegal or risky games. Additionally, a number of competing streaming services including Kick, Youtube, and Facebook are growing in popularity.


Another fan of is Corinna Kopf. Kopf is a breath of fresh air in the slots streaming ecology, busting the myth that all casino patrons are guys. Corinna is one of the younger fans of slots because she is only 27 years old. Yet she now has more than a million followers and is solidifying her position as one of the section’s top content producers.

Corinna is still a force to be reckoned with even though her audience is still behind some of her contemporaries. She is currently the sector’s fastest-growing slots streamer, with an average audience of about 5,400 and a peak audience of approximately 23,000 people.

Corinna, the third-largest station, only started streaming slots this year. She started off playing at Duelbits Casino and then switched to As of right now, Corinna has more than a million Twitch followers and still streams blackjack and other casino games frequently.

Corinna used to play Fortnite frequently and was one of the top Fortnite streamers before switching to online casino games. She still occasionally logs into Epic Games’ masterpiece, but her focus these days is on her Slots-related activities.


Most ardent gamblers would be familiar with Trainwrecks. Because of his sincerity and generosity, the streamer rose to fame and is currently regarded as the top producer of Slots content.

Tyler Faraz Niknam is the real name behind Trainwrecks. He has been producing video game content since 2015 and is currently 31 years old. Although he has produced streaming for other games as well, his Slots streams are by far the most watched. Although other streamers might occasionally outperform Trainwrecks in terms of average viewers, he still ranks alongside ROSHTEIN as one of the highest-paid Slots makers.

While Trainwrecks has been in disputes over some supposedly hurtful remarks, he is also regarded as a genuinely kind individual. The streamer has given millions of dollars to his loved ones, fans, and others in need.

The most recent data show that Trainwrecks typically receives 22,152 viewers. Almost 83,000 people watched him at his most popular moment. A remarkable 2 million people follow Trainwrecks’ Twitch channel, and his viewers have logged over 3 million hours of video.


Because Jukes’ content is in Portuguese, people in Brazil and Portugal can watch his slot feeds. The designer, Flávio Fernandes, is well known for being an enthusiastic League of Legends player. Jukes is actually more than that; he competes in esports.

Jukes enjoys hosting Slots streams while not engaging in competition in the Runeterra world. He occasionally is spotted participating in live casino games.

Jukes is undoubtedly one of the most influential streamers to stream gambling content, even though he may not be as active in the Slots sector as the majority of the other people on this list. The creator is the largest channel to stream slots in Portuguese on Twitch with around 1.8 million subscribers.

Jukes’ channel had a peak viewership of about 35,000, which may not be the most amazing all-time high viewing figure. He has many devoted fans who continue to follow his programming, nevertheless, making him one of the channels with the fastest growth.


Joaqun “ElcanaldeJoaco” López entertains Slots fans around the huge Spanish-speaking world, much like Jukes’ content is made to appeal to viewers in Portugal and Brazil.

Jukes is not far behind ElcanaldeJoaco in terms of followers. There are 1.5 million subscribers who have watched over 11.2 million hours of video on the streamer. These figures undoubtedly place the creator at the top of Twitch’s thriving Slots scene.

ElcanaldeJoaco is undoubtedly a station Spanish-speaking Slots enthusiasts should check out, with a top audience of 132,019 people.


Another Argentine content producer that speaks Spanish is known by the name Pimpeano, Galo Blasco Gutiérrez. His 1,350,931 followers are proof that many people enjoy his Slots material.

In 2017, Pimpeano signed up for Twitch, where he has been consistently broadcasting ever since. In 2020, when he started collecting a ton of new fans, he experienced his biggest breakthrough. All told, the creator has broadcast more than 1,901 hours of video, and his viewers have tuned in for more than 8 million hours.

The most viewers ever for Pimpeano is 103,261. His audience frequently returns to view his captivating Slots material. Pimpeano can be seen playing other games while he isn’t spinning the reels. He frequently enjoys entering World of Warcraft to broadcast his experiences in Azeroth.


Swedish streamer Ishmael Schwartz has established himself as the most entertaining slots streamer. His audience is about equal to that of Trainwrecks, with both of them having a peak audience of over 80,000 viewers (84,977 in ROSHTEIN’s case) and a current average of somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 viewers.

With more than 169 million hours seen compared to Trainwrecks’ 173 million, ROSHTEIN just misses out on outpacing his colleague in terms of viewing time. Additionally, compared to the latter broadcaster, ROSHTEIN has two times fewer followers right now.

In 2016, ROSHTEIN made his debut on Twitch. What really set him apart from other Slots streams was his approach to giving slot games an extra dimension of enjoyment. ROSHTEIN enjoys showcasing the captivating and very entertaining slots available on and enhancing them with his own narration.

The producer of the content enjoys taking enormous risks and frequently places large bets on slots. Since not everyone can afford his aggressive strategy, he is one of the greatest streams for high rollers or those who simply enjoy watching large wagers.


Louis “LosPollosTV” contributes to the diversity of this list by being Italian. He does, however, stream in English and is currently situated in the United States, making his content accessible to a large audience.

Since joining Twitch in 2016, LosPollosTV has amassed 683,000 total followers and aired an astounding 7,353 hours of programming. His peak audience of 57,589 viewers was followed by an average of little under 5,000 viewers. The viewers of LosPollosTV have seen his videos 23.1 times and have logged over 34,6 million hours of viewing time.

LosPollosTV broadcasts more than just slot machines; on occasion, viewers might see them at a live casino. Louis likes playing sports sim games when he’s not gambling.


When not participating in League of Legends, Jean Carlo Dias, also known as jean_mago, is another esports professional who enjoys streaming. Brazilian by birth, Jean speaks in Portuguese.

Jean, a passionate Stake fan, streams gambling-related material at least a couple times each month. Recently, it seems that Jean prefers playing blackjack with Stake when streaming live casino games rather than playing slots.

Currently, Jean averages 2,724 watchers and 643,000 followers. Since 2018 he has been streaming, and he is still going strong. At the time this article was written, more than 14.4 million hours of content had been viewed by Jean’s followers.


German streamer Kevin Bongers has gained popularity for his Grand Theft Auto-related videos. He adores playing GTA roleplay and occasionally enjoys playing League of Legends.

Furthermore, orangemorange frequently appears in streaming slots. As a content producer, Bongers provides a wide range of regionalized content to viewers that speak German. He caters to all tastes, which has allowed him to keep his place among the best slots broadcasters.

With an average of 1,856 watchers, Orangemorange has a total of 538,000 followers. He has streamed more than 10,700 hours of programming since he began using the Amazon-owned platform in 2016.


Since 2016, Cody “Xposed” Burnett has regularly streamed entertainment on Twitch. He has 533,000 followers and 1,872 watchers on average. Even though Xposed is at the bottom of this list, his more well-known competitors are not far behind him in terms of all-time viewership, and he once had 18,711 concurrent viewers.

Xposed is a young, active person. He enjoys playing Halo Infinite, the most recent installment of the cherished sci-fi genre, in addition to slots. He also enjoys the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.

Because Xposed is from Ontario and streams in English, his material is ideal for a larger audience. The video creator enjoys making thrillingly large bets when gambling, which keeps his viewers on the edge of their seats. Like many others, the developer formerly enjoyed playing at Roobet Casino but now favors Stake’s offers.

Adin Ross – An Honorable Mention

Adin Ross used to be the undisputed king of streaming slots for a spell. Ross received more views per stream than any other Slots streamer thanks to his main channel’s nearly 6.5 million subscribers. Many still adore the artist and his stuff, despite the fact that he has gained some controversy.

Adin actually rose to fame on YouTube first. Over 2.8 million people are currently subscribers to his platform channel. Although he has been on YouTube for some time, his real ascent to fame began when LeBron James showed up on one of his NBA 2K20 streams.

The streamer’s most well-known works include NBA 2K20 and a few shooter games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Ross eventually changed his focus, though, and for a while he devoted himself almost exclusively to Twitch’s Slots section. Ross, who was adversely affected by Twitch’s ban on unlicensed games, switched to Kick, another streaming service.

Other Creators to Watch Out for

The aforementioned streamers are the best of the best, but there are many other up-and-coming artists who should also be recognized. For instance, the German channel Scurrows, which is expanding quickly, currently has 5,100 viewers per episode. The streamer has a committed audience that continues to watch his programming despite having less followers than other competitors. ZonaGemelos, a passionate Spanish-speaking Slots streamer with a current average of roughly 5,100 viewers, is another growing star. The last Spanish-speaking creator to be on the lookout for is Santutu, whose Slots streams have been drawing an average of 4,500 viewers each day over the past several days.

In Conclusion

For those to have fun and like slot games or live casinos, the Slots category on Twitch is still a fantastic option. Smart gamblers can learn a thing or two from watching experienced content producers play. Since not everyone can afford to be a high roller, some people may utilize the streams as a form of escape. Additionally, there are Slots feeds in numerous languages, as the aforementioned producers show, enabling users from all around the world to enjoy the vertical.

There is stuff that will meet your needs whether you are a player, an existing fan of slot games, or just someone who is curious about slot games.

The Twitch prohibition on content related to illegal gambling has the slots community worried about how it may impact the environment. Sadly, it is still too early to tell how much of an impact the ban will have. Even though some streams may have to leave new operators, the Slots area will continue to exist.